The resulting current Muslim community life of our country Nigeria has found itself inside of the bird error to error trap, which is the emotional heart of any Meet Muslim faith and the life of society.

These things include the problem of the deterioration of education and education of our children. When Parents or break your lack tarbiyyr children, and picking the al'du merely amakaratun period, without and lakanci something to come to see let alone education and religion.

In the following matters, the main fear is to see it approach this nation is not our children are up bird trap no education of no religion and education zamanin.muddin this situation continues, to this community will be achieved and that the life in this country, and will not be sharpened itself is no use in international affairs and the next. Justifiably consider this case, we see that it is necessary to us make an effort to offer our help in the efforts of other Muslim Brotherhood.

God willing we daukikudurin established a school which will become a center of expertise and training to Muslim children.

Malam Bashir Aliyu Umar
Director and Headmaster

Breif History

Madrasatu Darul Arkam, BUK Kano


Darul Arkam Primary was established in the Year 1993, and started graduating students in 1999. Darul Arkam primary has so far graduated 1500 students and they have been absorbed into different secondary within and outside Kano State to further their education. There are about 100 students that have memorized AL-QURAN KAREEM during their primary school period.



Darul Arkam Primary started graduating students in 1999.



Darul Arkam Secondary was established in the Year 1999; the first academic session was started in Bayero University Kano (BUK) and later moved to JAMBULO in the year 2000. The first set of students was graduated in 2002. There are about 440 that graduated from our secondary and have since further their educations into tertiary level within and outside Nigeria. Our students excel within their colleagues where ever they found themselves. Our students are excellent in the memorization of AL-QURAN KAREEM.



Darul Arkam Secondary was later moved to JAMBULO in the year 2000.



Darul Arkam Secondary graduating the first set of students was graduated in 2002.



Application Procedure

  1. We sale our application form on 1st , July of every year at Nursery section
  2. Our primary section admit only students that completed our Nursery section
  3. Our secondary section only admit students that completed our primary section
  4. Student that has not attended our primary section may also be considered after undergoing interview.

Application Form


Our academic activities are divided in to three terms: First, Second and Third Term. Our academic calendar is based on the government calendar system but two weeks are normally added to allow the students to complete their QUR’ANIC memorization.


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